Five Quick and Easy Canvas Art Printing Effects

By now, you probably have hundreds of photos stored in your computer — none of which have been printed yet. If you want a fast portrait or design image for a canvas art printing project, all you need to do is choose the picture or pictures you want to see enlarged, and open your Photoshop or Picasa program to easily turn your digital image into instant art.

Art on canvas

Canvas is closely associated with visual art. Canvas artworks can serve as instant accents at home or in office spaces. But artworks nowadays, especially the classic ones come, with a hefty price. The good news is that modern times have also given modern-slash-novel ways to come up with your own masterpieces using your own creative genius (with reinforcement), and these are made possible by digital canvas art printing.

A few clicks on your mouse using common image editing programs like Photoshop CS3 and Picasa are enough to help you come up with prints you only used to see in magazines, books and museums. Now, you can engage in a project and see results you would be proud enough to print and hang.

Quick Effects

Lined up below are some tricks you can use in for your canvas print.

From Photoshop, open the image file you need and then go to the ‘Filter’ menu drop down list and pick the effect. In Picasa, the image files in your computer are automatically collected so you can simply browse through the program’s image library.

1. Artistic

Photoshop has loads of options for this one. You can convert your digital photo into a watercolor artwork or one that looks like a colored pencil or palette knife creation. Sketches are also a handy category as it comes with charcoal effects, among others, to give a nice play of shadow and light in the image.

2. Distorted

The degree of distortion to be done on the image can be adjusted so the image becomes artistically manipulated and not damaged-looking. Among the distortion functions are ‘glass’ and ‘ocean ripple’.

3. Texture

Photoshop also lets you play with the illusion of texture with the use of the ‘texturizer’, ‘rough pastels’ and ‘water paper’.

4. Color

Photoshop offers more options than Picasa in terms of more complex alterations like ‘glowing edges’ and ‘neon glow’. However, the latter has easy steps to convert colored images to sepia or black and white. Picasa also has a feature called ‘focal B&W’ that lets you highlight a specific portion of an image by changing the color of the whole picture to black and white, while retaining the original color of that portion.

5. Soften

There are a number of blurring options to create a soft and old effect like Photoshop’s ‘radial blur’ which makes the image hazy in a circular direction, and Picasa’s ‘soft focus’ which gives the image a vintage look.

If you can’t decide on which image to print, you can make a collage. Picasa, specifically, offers a really neat and easy way to create this. Just add the pictures you want to include on the canvas print and then choose the collage format that suits your taste. You can go for mosaic, contact prints, or even a group of pictures just randomly piled. You have the option to use full-bleed, white-bordered or Polaroid-looking pictures.

Try experimenting with these different effects and make sure that you save your file in jpeg, eps, tiff or pdf format before sending the images for canvas art printing.

Interior Design With Canvas Prints – Placement Tips

When it comes to choosing artwork for your home, the content is often the focus of people’s attention. However, the context that a  canvas  art print is placed in can do as much to accentuate the content, as the picture itself. It’s sort of like breaking the head off Michelangelo’s David and kicking dirt over it… the effect just isn’t the same! Today we are looking at guidelines for placing your  canvas  art prints within your home, for best interior design effect.


The general strategy for hanging art prints is to place them at eye level, to allow viewers to best engage with them. As you might know, though, rules are made to be broken! If it will not be obscured by furniture, there is no reason that you couldn’t place your artwork closer to floor level. If you want to attract attention to an architectural feature like a high or decorative ceiling, place it a little higher than eye level.

The content can also be a good guide to height – landscape art prints featuring sky shots work naturally well placed higher than those where the foreground is mostly earth.

Placing single  canvas  prints

Depending on the size of your  canvas  print, it may or may not constitute the focal point of the room. If you have a large fireplace, a huge couch, or even big bay windows with a striking view, your landscape art print will probably be a secondary design element within the room. Some general guidelines for placement include:

* Place the print opposite the room’s focal point for balance

* Use the  canvas  print to create a pattern of focal points in the room – set it out to create a visual triangle or square along with other design elements that draw the eye.

* You can align the  canvas  print with your focal point (depending on what, exactly, that is) to prop it up and strengthen the focus.

Placing three-part  canvas  prints

Three-part  canvas  prints are almost always the focal point of a room. If you have another strong focal point, consider moving your three-part  canvas  print somewhere else in the house. Assuming you have a good spot for your  canvas  triptych in a relatively ‘quiet’ room, try to:

* Make sure that you allow generous gaps between each part. Give it a little more than you would intuitively, then move back and re-assess.

* Always position a triptych evenly

* Consider making the triptych a part of a mini-gallery for your room

Can I split a  canvas  print into two?

Certainly! Your  canvas  printer can do just about anything that you want them to. From an interior design perspective, though, the more relevant question is whether it will look good.Two part  canvas  art prints tend to create a sense of imbalance in the room. If you are going for a particularly modern, offbeat look in a room, a two-part print may be just what you are searching for. In homes that are more conservative, two part paintings tend to create a sense of the unfinished in the room. If you have a pair of  canvas  prints you particularly want to hang, try to use them as bookends on either side of an architectural feature like a chimney, a bookshelf or a sofa.

Photo on Canvas of Your Pet

We love our four-legged children and do all sorts of things for them – play with them, buy them toys, take them for walks. And we typically take lots and lots of photos of them. Where do those photos go? Maybe in a photo album, maybe a box. The album is nice but why not create a  canvas  portrait of your best friend, instead? By printing his or her photo on  canvas , you honor your beloved dog or cat and have  canvas  art to grace the walls of your home. It’s a two-for!

A number of people who have competition dogs and cats already do portraits – on traditional photo paper. The competitions are best of breed types as well as hunting competitions for hunting dogs. These are special events and certainly the dog or cat is at it’s best – groomed, physically conditioned – the perfect time to capture all that is. So why not upgrade these great portraits to  canvas ?

But, hey, not all dogs and cats are show competitors. What about the dog sitting at the living room window peeking out around the curtain looking for you to get home? Having a bath? Leaping with wild abandon into the river? Sailing through the air to catch a frisby? Asleep and snuggled with your son or daughter…or the cat? Your cat sleeping in his or her favorite spot that is precarious or humorous…or standing guard over food he hasn’t a prayer of getting but is vigilant, nonetheless? What about the great shots of your pet wearing a Christmas hat or bunny ears…or one not at all particularly unique – just your furry best friend being your furry best friend?

An idea to consider is doing a collage of all your pets through the years. If it is a collage, the individual photos don’t have to be “perfect” as they will be smallish on the  canvas . You could do your collage in “bulletin board” style…one over-lapping another or just evenly space the photos. You can put the names of the pets under each photo, as well.

If you are going to use one photo for your pet portrait, as with any other photo you would choose to create your  canvas  print, be sure the subject of the image has plenty of peripheral background for wrapping. The best thing to do is choose photos where the subjects of the photos are in the center and surrounded sufficiently by background, rather than photos where the dog’s or cat’s nose or ears are right at the edges. And while we are talking about tight shots, it is always best to NOT crop your images before you upload. Again, this limits the company’s ability to do their thing. If you want a photo cropped a certain way, advise in the Comments section that you have a cropped version you’d like to send to them to use as a guide and ask them to contact you.

Your  canvas  printer will have suggestions for you, as well, and will guide you through the process if you do not know exactly what you want. Having your special four-legged family members on  canvas  prints from photos hanging on the walls of your home will bring smiles for years to come. These furry best friends have warmed your hearts, let their visage on  canvas  warm your home.

Canvas Printing Functionality

People often use adornments, ornaments, stucco molding and other decorations at their homes, because decorating one’s own place is appetite for beauty and comfort. The most widespread items of making your home look lovely are prints or paintings. It is simply because people like a particular piece and buy it to hang on the walls. Real connoisseurs of art who can spend an extremely large sum of money to buy an original piece from a renowned artist in order to ornate the walls of their houses can’t be called prodigals. Quite the contrary, in the first place buying original masterpieces is a good investment. The monetary value of this type of painting is likely to increase over the years. But what should real connoisseurs of art do if the size of their wallets does not afford them to spend fabulous sum of money?

You have the resource to do it

Admiring paintings in museums you can fall in love with any of the masterpieces. It sounds a little incredible but it is absolutely affordable to have “A Ship in the Stormy Sea” by Ivan Aivazovsky on your home wall. To be more precise you can purchase an identical copy of the painting. These are high-resolution and high-fidelity reproductions which are produced from digital scans of existing artworks. Outwardly there is almost no difference between the original work of art and the image of the painting printed on canvas. The standard and resolution are so good that you can see all the details of the artist’s technique, even including distinctive features of the brushwork and it makes you sense each brush stroke. Moreover the size of reproductions can be customized to suit your individual requirements. Such replicas will be stunning additions to your home or you can create your own outstanding art gallery and have always your source of inspiration.

Choose your theme

The latest colour trends and styles in interior design giving you up-to-the-minute design inspired canvas prints. There are a lot of online galleries which offer you different themes of canvas prints. You can choose any to suit your taste.

They can be related to mythology, nature, wildlife, natural landscape, cities and abstract designs. For example you can get abstract prints on canvas that would add a unique touch to your home decor or you can opt for canvas prints that have floral prints. Some canvas print companies offer you a possibility to see the reproductions before you buy in the virtual room; you can even change the colour in real time or the size and view how your canvas print will look before you make a decision.

Have your special photos transferred to canvas

As the wonderful art of canvas prints gives birth to many possibilities in the field of photography you can use it to create your own chef-d’oeuvre. Photos on canvas look much livelier and attractive than original photographs. The only thing you have to do is to send your high quality digital photo and describe the size and other available features your canvas photo print has to have.

A unique gift

Many a times we are in confusion while selecting a gift for the people that we love. Use photographs on canvas as unique gift items. Such engraved moments can be given as keepsakes for life.

Tips For Getting A Digital Photo On Canvas

Digital cameras are one of the most popular forms of photography out there today making them the first choice of most people when they head out to take photos. Due to this fact, it is highly likely that your favorite photo of a friend, family member, or nature scene is stored on your digital photo memory card. This can be highly convenient when you want to email it to a friend since you can simply pop it onto your computer and then send it off, however, when you want to do a bit more with the photo the digital format may toss you for a loop.

The good news is that getting your favorite photo into a form that you can enjoy and off of the digital memory card is not actually that hard. In fact, if you want to create the artistic and vintage look you can even decide to place it on canvas by simply following a few steps that will leave you with a breathtaking result without spending too much money or time on the entire task. The following is a simple guide to help make sure that the transition goes smoothly for you.

The first thing that you will need to do of course is get the print off of the digital camera and onto your computer so that you can refine it before you actually pay for any photo canvas printing. This can be done by transferring them over Bluetooth, using a USB cord, or using a compatible device that allows you to place your memory card into the computer. Either way, you will need to get the photo uploaded so that you can start to play with the photo and get closer to the results.

Once you have the photo you can head to a website that offers the service of photo on canvas printing because most likely you will be able to find a free software program here that will allow you to fix up the photo by cropping the borders or taking any red eye out of the photo. These services are usually provided because the printing services understand that you want to make sure that the final result of your project is stunning. For this reason you will want to take advantage of this software and fix up your photo before ordering any photos.

After the photo is completely fixed up and tailored to fit the mood that you are trying to create the only thing that you will have left to do is actually order the canvas print. In most cases it will only take a few days for the canvas to arrive in the mail which means that you will have a piece of wall decor that you created on your own that represents your own artistic interests. Given it only takes this short amount of time it is well worth your time to look into creating this piece of art that will last for a great deal of time.

6 Unique Types of Canvas Print

You can even add text to the front of the picture, or add a short and personal greeting to the back of the print. Whether you’re looking for unusual birthday gifts or a way to decorate or brighten up one of the rooms in your house, you can create exactly the look you want with these 6 different types of canvas print.

1 – The Single Canvas Print

The single canvas print is the most simplistic version. Pick a single photo and pick an appropriate crop of the picture. This picture is then printed on canvas and stretched across a wooden frame. The use of high quality materials, like natural canvas and gallery grade frames, as well as the inclusion of spacer bars means that you can enjoy a full life from your canvas print and it will always look great.

2 – A Photo Montage Print

Rather than being forced to pick a single photo you can opt to have numerous pictures combined into a professionally created montage. This montage can be added to any photo gift, but works especially well when printed on canvas. The natural qualities of the canvas fiber give exceptional photo reproduction levels and the pictures almost seem to come to life because they are so realistic.

3 – Pop Art Prints

Have a photo of you or somebody else converted into colorful pop art before being printed on canvas. Whether you want Warhol or Banksy, your picture can be made into a modern masterpiece using a pop art conversion. As with any canvas prints, there is a variety of standard sizes available or you can opt for bespoke dimensions to ensure you get exactly the size you want.

4 – Triptych And Other Multi Canvas Prints

Pick a photo and have it printed on several canvases. The picture is broken down into equal segment with each segment being printed on a different canvas. The canvases are then hung on the wall with a small gap between them giving a tiled effect that is especially effective when using nature pictures. Multi canvas prints do not work as well with pictures of people because of the break in the picture and wrap of the canvas.

5 – Color Conversions

Color photos can be converted to black and white or sepia versions. These can be used to give an artistic appearance to any picture and work very well with mood photography and pictures of people. These conversions can also be highly effective with pictures of places and horizons.

6 – Filmstrip Montages

The filmstrip montage is a unique form of montage print. Select between three and nine photos. These photos are printed in series on the same high quality canvas but a Hollywood inspired filmstrip border is printed around the edge to give it an even more unusual finish. The filmstrip montage can be used with pictures of any topic but its appearance means it will work best with photos that are related in some way to one another.

Your Photo on Canvas – Your Canvas Art

How many photographs do you have out and about in your home? Are they framed? Are they in photo albums? Do you favor glossy paper? Matte? Why not canvas?

Printing photos on canvas transforms a photograph from a flat, one-dimensional image to an explosion of enhancement. The texture of canvas brings depth and life to the “flat” photographic image, almost giving it a three-dimensional effect. It is difficult to do justice with mere words to explain this enhancement explosion that is attained by printing on canvas. Perhaps, think of a fine oil painting, where soft, creamy, precise strokes were used, picking up every detail.

Technology has given us sophisticated, exacting printers and computer programs that facilitate the transfer of our photographic images to the elegance of canvas, enhancing every aspect of the image, giving it vibrant life that paper cannot provide. We all know the resilience of canvas and modern inks are guaranteed for upward to 100 years. Put the two together and it’s a home run for quality and longevity.

Getting your photo printed on canvas is very easy to do. You have the choice of uploading your digital image to a website or mailing in your traditional print, so it doesn’t matter if your photo of choice is one from your photo album. It typically doesn’t matter if your photo is old and a bit ragged, either, as it can digitally be repaired for a good transfer. Once your canvas is printed, it is sprayed with a protectorate for added resiliency of color then stretched over wood bars. “Gallery wrap” style stretching is the most popular, which takes the image all the way around the stretcher bars. This method allows you to hang the canvas without framing but does not preclude having it framed, if you so desire. If you wanted it printed “museum” style, where the image only covers the face of the canvas, leaving the wrapped edges white, you can do that, as well.

Be mindful that photo canvas art is not limited to photographs. What about that darling drawing your child did in Kindergarten or as a special present for you? It, too, can be printed on canvas! No need to worry about the edges of such a treasure getting ragged or the paper aging in the frame. You can preserve your child’s artwork on canvas and hang it with love for many years of enjoyment.

The image you wish to print on canvas must have high enough resolution to render a quality transfer. Resolution has to do with the density of pixels (data information) in the image. Whatever photo you would want printed on canvas would have to have enough density. A 3 megapixel photo can be sufficient if the camera was set on the highest resolution setting.

A photo printed on canvas captures treasured moments in time and preserves them in elegance and class for many lifetimes. Canvas prints are wonderful for your home, office, and patio and make perfect, affordable gifts.

How to Print Digital Photos on Canvas

The first step is deciding whether to print and wrap your photo  canvas  yourself or to seek out a professional printer to perform this service for you. If you do not have any experience in digital printing and gallery wrapping, it is recommended that you find a dependable poster and  canvas  printing business that can meet your needs. The best way to find a skilled and friendly printer is to ask around. Find out who has had a good experience with a printer and determine if you like the finished product that the printer produced. If you do not have access to anyone in your immediate social circle, the next best option is a reputable online poster printing company. You could search for “online poster printing” using your favored search engine. Once you have found an online printer that offers the product and options you want, check and see if they have a money back guarantee. Online printing can be tricky and most established online printers will offer a money back guarantee to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Also, seek out customer reviews on the site and on the web to see what the online community thinks of this company.

Once you have selected an online printer, you will need to select a file for upload. Use the printer’s website to upload, edit and submit your photo  canvas  order. The online printer might offer several framing options and wrapping options. You should choose the options that best fit your needs. It would be a good idea to ask for a proof before they print your photo on  canvas . One option that is particularly useful is the protective satin finish. This coating protects your photo  canvas  from scratching and cracking so that it will last for years to come.

When you receive your photo  canvas , you will need to decide whether you wish to hang it using a hang wire, hanging hooks or simply use the inside of the wooden stretcher bar frame. The hanging hooks are usually the best for keeping you photo  canvas  straight, but be sure that you use at least two and balance your hang points with a level.

If all goes well, you should have a beautiful photo  canvas  hanging on your wall in no time. Experiment with multiple prints side-by-side or place your photo  canvas  prints in a collage formation for an added artistic element. There are many ways to enjoy your photo  canvas , so don’t be afraid to try no applications or setups.

Quality Photo on Canvas Prints – Are Cheap Prints a Wise Choice? The 3 Easiest Ways to Find Out

Photo on  canvas  prints have become a fabulous new way to showcase your favourite digital images. With  canvas  prints now starting to become much more widely available, it is getting even simpler to locate one at a competitive price. But keep in mind, there are several “No frills”  canvas  vendors now around that will sell substandard quality prints which do not last and look dreadful.

Whilst selecting where to buy a  canvas  print, it is vital to remember one thing. Quality is everything. It’s possible you’ll be able to acquire a  canvas  print for an incredibly low price, but be certain that you know what you’re really buying. Quality  canvas  prints are to be found for a reasonable price, but you have to know what to watch out for.

Here are the 3 main things to look at when ordering a quality  canvas  print.

1. What sort of inks are being used?

Will the company be using archival inks? These ultra-bright, U.V protected inks are crucial to a high quality, long lasting finish. A lot of companies now make an effort to lower running costs by using basic, compatible inks. These inks lack in print quality and will quickly lose colour when subjected to even small amounts of sunshine.

2. What sort of wood is used to make the frame?

Are the company in question using high quality pine stretcher bars? It is important to keep in mind that lots of suppliers can manufacture  canvas  prints very quickly and cheaply, but the level of quality is nearly always very disappointing. The key reason behind this is that a number of companies attempt to save money by making their own frames internally. They achieve this by constructing inexpensive, light raw wood frames that will be either glued or stapled together. Always be certain that the service that you go with uses solid, four-piece, pine stretcher bar frames. These frames allow for the insertion of 4 small plastic or wooden stretching wedges. These wedges allow your print to be re-stretched in the future, prolonging the life of your photo on  canvas  print. The surface of your  canvas  contracts and stretches as the climate changes, causing the  canvas  to sag. Without the benefit of these stretching keys, this loss of tension is permanent. These frames are additionally very weak and are susceptible to warping once the print is stretched to the proper rigidity.

3. Buyer testimonies

You should always try to watch out for good past customer testimonials prior to buying a photo on  canvas  print. Every time you visit a web site, remember to check out the customer feedback page. If they have a live testimonials blog or an unedited way for visitors to provide feedback on their purchases, this is a sure signal that the company can be trusted. If a supplier has lots of satisfied customers then they’ll be proud to show off their comments for all to see. If a testimonial page can not be found… Consider 1 question… What are they hiding?

These are all important questions that you need to ask if you are scouting around for a quality  canvas  print that is designed to last for years and years.

Canvas Print From Photos – The New Photo Booth

Here’s a great idea for a canvas print from photos using the newly revived photo booths.

Those of us who are “older” remember the fun times getting our photos taken with our best friends or significant others in photo booths. Sure, the black & white photos were almost sepia in color, the lighting was horrible – yes those photo strips were some of the best photo memories of our youths. Truth or not? And how often do you see those photo booths in malls and such…so tempted to go in but, alas, “reason” takes charge of the impulse (as well as preservation of dignity!) and you move on.

Well, good news! If you have not experienced the new photo booths, you are missing out. These new versions use high resolution, color digital cameras – and much better lighting! You can have all the crazy fun in posing with your BFF or whomever and get a photo strip of really good pictures. They still come in the vertical strip and, if the booth is at a special event, the bottom panel may designate the event with date and location. These new images are really good.

An added bonus is you can get canvas prints from photos off this strip – select one or two or do all four! It is a little bit funky to create a canvas in the vertical format. In order to have the images large enough, you would have a long vertical canvas…not really appropriate for most walls. However, as these strips are made up of four separate images, each can be separated out to make four individual photos and can be arranged any way you would like. You could lay them out horizontally or in an arc or in a stair-step arrangement. The possibilities are many. Since most companies gallery-wrap, it might be best to float the images against a black or other type of background so that the images themselves are not wrapped and show only on the face of the canvas.

Do be prepared that, when you send your photo strip off to the canvas printing company, the work will likely be treated as a collage and there will probably be extra fees associated. Why? Because each photo will be separated out and adjusted individually. Once all the images are ready for placement in the print template, the print template will have to be prepared – usually a color fill is done (black is best, typically) – then the images will have to be placed appropriately in accordance with the design of choice. If your intent is to use just one of the four images in the photo strip (example: you want a canvas print from photo, say, number 3 in the strip) there may not be an extra charge. By the way, if your photo strip was taken at an event, it is pretty cool to add that last panel in the strip that names the event to your canvas. Part of the memory, you know?

Do be mindful that if you think your photo strip is something you would like to make into a canvas, take good care of it. You want to keep it free of scratches and other marring. If your photo booth strip was taken at an event, like at a hotel, you may be able to get the digital file from the hotel.

Now, get out to the mall or wherever and visit those new photo booths (make sure they are the new color digital ones!). Then send your photo strip in and get a wonderful canvas made. Canvas prints from photos taken at a photo booth are the most fun!