Photos on Canvas – A Buyers Guide

There are now so many companies selling photos on canvas online these days, that it’s hard to know which direction to turn in.

To help you we have put together this brief buyers guide.

1) Choose a photo on canvas specialist

Ask yourself, is this is a company that specialises in printing photos on canvas? A specialist company will have trained artworkers and printers whose job it is to get things right and who deal with canvases day in, day out.!

2) Choose a company who will check your images before printing.

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this doesn’t happen.

Before printing, the company should be colour balancing, retouching and cropping your images, before emailing the results to you to choose from.

Do you really want to discover that you photo is too dark or has a feint line running through it only after the canvas arrives?

3) Choose a company who print and cut the frames to the exact size you specify.

To get the best from your photo, the printer needs to be able to print and frame the canvas using the same proportions as your chosen crop. The only way they can do this is by cutting their own frames.

Many companies will try and fit your print onto a pre-made frame and encourage you to have it ‘Gallery Wrapped’. This basically means the image goes around the sides, losing important parts of the picture. For the company it is easier to do, allows them to use cheaper frames and covers up for the fact that the frame doesn’t quite fit the print. A classic piece of marketing spin that tries to turn a negative into a positive!

4) Price is important but it isn’t everything

If the price seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. To prepare a bespoke photo on canvas properly takes time and requires high quality materials. The price you pay should be competitive, but as with everything in life, you pay for what you get. Remember that the canvas will be hanging on your wall, so you’re after a perfect finish.

Follow these four simple rules, and you should soon have hanging on your wall, the canvas that your favourite photo deserves!

All You Need to Know About Canvas

Decorating a home with modern stuff is the dream of every person in this world. But many of us face the budget problem when it comes to buying some stuff for the house. There is nothing available at cheaper rate which can really give your house a good look except only one thing.  Canvas  can really give your house a complete new looks in no time.

There are two types of  canvas  available in the market namely Non-Printed  Canvas  and Printed  Canvas . Non-Printed  canvas  is just a thick cloth with some light plain color. IT can be used anywhere in the house as you never face any matching problem in it because plain  canvas  is available in all colors and you can buy the one which matches your house or your own room. It is usually recommended by home decoration specialists to use plain  canvas  because printed  canvas  can limit the area on which you can use them. Obviously can’t use a printed  canvas  with sharp color in drawing room which will totally look odd. Printed  canvas  is usually full of different type of  canvas  prints and  canvas  pictures and they are the best choice for your room.

If you want to have a  canvas  printed of your own choice then all you have to is buy a plain  canvas  without any design on it and give it to some professional  canvas  printing service and get your  canvas  prints from photos in no time. Although ti will be a little bit expensive to print your own wall art on the  canvas  but it is surely worth it as you will be different from others. You can use that printed  canvas  in your room as a table cover so that everyone can see it.

There are normally two types of prints you can have for your  canvas . One is known as normal printing and the other as giclee printing. Normal printing is now not commonly used because it is now considered an old method to have  canvas  prints. Normal printing is a lot slower than giclee printing and the quality is not also very good. Giclee printing is cheap, fast and is of high quality. It is always good to go for giclee prints which will save you time, money and will provide you with the awesome quality.

 Canvas  can be used anywhere in the home. You can even use it as a mat while entering in the home but most people use  canvas  prints on their walls, chairs and sometimes bed sheets. As  canvas  is considered a precious and expensive thing so make sure that you use it at a place where it is visible to everyone who will enter your home otherwise your money will get wasted because no one will be able to see it. Get your home decorated with the modern  canvas  available in the market.

Tips and Tricks to Install Your Canvas

Installing a mural in your home is an excellent idea. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself artistically and to make your living environment unique and your own.

Considering that these murals are a piece of art, the last thing that we would want to do is to damage them. Murals on canvas are best left installed and removed by professionals because they can be delicate to a certain extent. If you would like to try to do the job yourself, that certainly is a possibility as well.


  • Professional Primer/Sizer
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Wallpaper Adhesive
  • Large Paste Brush (for smoothing)
  • Foam Roller (Seam Roller)
  • Utility Knife
  • Tape Measure / Pencil
  • Large Clean Sponge

Use the following steps for installing a canvas and you will find that it not only looks excellent, it is already prepared to move whenever the time comes to do so.

1. Make sure that everything is prepared in advance:

This not only includes the wall where the mural was going to be installed, it also includes any of the items which are needed for installation.

  • Remove existing wallpaper. Never hang your mural over old wallpaper.
  • Fix cracks and holes with spackling mixture, let it dry and sand the surface until it is smooth.

2. Mark your starting point:

Begin from a completely horizontal starting line.

3. Apply primer:

Preparing the wall ahead of time is also important and you’re going to want to apply a primer and allow it to dry at least 24 hours before you begin adding the glue.

4. Apply glue:

The type of glue that you will use depends upon the size of the canvas that is going to be installed.

For smaller murals, you can usually get by with using Jade-glue or a similar product.

For larger pieces of canvas, you will want to go with commercial glue that is available at many of the major hardware stores or stores that specifically carry materials for wall coverings.

  • Apply a first coat of adhesive on the entire wall surface and make sure that you don’t apply the glue too thickly.
  • Let it dry.
  • Apply a second coat of glue repeating the procedure described above, but this time; do not allow the adhesive to dry.
  • Gently press canvas against wall and smooth it with your plastic tool, take care not to damage the painted surface by using a piece of craft paper in between the plastic and the canvas.

5. Cut borders with a utility knife:

When the mural is in place and adhered, trim the excess of the canvas at the ceiling, baseboard molding and corners using a straightedge.

6. Wipe away excess paste:

To remove excess paste, use a clean wet sponge. Gently wipe the mural around the corners, ceiling and baseboard molding. Dry excess moisture with a soft dry towel or paper towel.

For optimal results, I recommend that you install larger wall murals with the help of an assistant.

If you have any questions, make sure that you discuss them with a professional before proceeding.

How To Place A Photo On Canvas

As a photographer, whether you are a professional or just an amateur that likes to play around with photos, when you take an amazing photo it is hard not to want to show it to everyone in the world. This is why many people often times take their best photos and blow them up to place on their walls. This is especially true if the photo happens to contain your family members because then you have more than one reason to want to show it off to other friends and family members.

However, some people refrain from blowing up photos in their home because they do not like the look of high resolution glossy prints in their home that capture light and reflect it back all over the place. This gleam can sometimes be distracting and unseemly, especially if your house is well lit. After all, if the photo is always gleaming or reflecting back a light beam then most people will not really be able to enjoy its full beauty making it kind of useless in the end and even a bit tacky after awhile.

You can however make your photograph more interesting and fitting as a piece of wall decor if you consider learning how to place a photo on  canvas . This is due to the fact that  canvas  prints are actually a bit more attractive and will not pick up and reflect light at every angle. Instead, they will actually absorb light so that you can easily enjoy the photo without worrying about it detracting from anything else in the room. Although it will make your photo so eye catching that it may actually end up being the most attention drawing item in the world, only this time not in a bad way.

The best way to do this is by heading online to look for a website that can help you tailor your photo to make it fitting for a  canvas  and then actually print it onto the  canvas  for you. Most photo printing websites will be able to offer you a great deal on this type of service and will also offer you software so that you can make sure your photo is in its best shape before you have it turned into your wall decor. After all, if you are going to use a photo to help decorate your walls you want to make sure that the final result is stunning and flawless.

By taking the time to get your  canvas  created before you actually start to decorate your home and paint the walls you will have a better idea of what color scheme to go with, especially if you plan on having a few different  canvas  photos created to use as a themed wall decor trend around the home. In the long run planning ahead will help create a much more cohesive look for your home.

Canvas Art Prints to Help Create Style in Your Home

Canvas art has become increasingly popular over recent years, with canvas art prints easily available to purchase on and off line and at affordable prices, we are now seeing more and more of them being used to decorate homes. Modern styling trends mean that many people are looking for various ways to create a contemporary, funky look so that they can express their personality. People love to include random objects, well designed furniture and other unique items, however one of the main focal points of the rooms is often the print. This is really down to three things, the subject that is displayed on the canvas, the size ( usually rather large which dominates a wall space ) and the depth. As it sits out from the wall on deep wooden frames, a more substantial impact is created than if you were to be presented with a flat image.

Having established that canvas prints can create the focus of a room, then naturally the canvas art needs to be right to generate the atmosphere that you want. We can look at popular trends over the last century, one obvious choice is pop art. Pop art is still common and is often found being produced create on prints today. Retro styles are also fairly ubiquitous, this is arisen from the influence of pop culture and is something that people most certainly like to relate the style of their home to, amongst the younger generation.

Their are many other styles that people like to include in their home and I will be back to discuss other ways you can create the right tone to your home!

Banksy Canvas

Street and graffiti artist Banksy’s influence in Bristol and UK is not to be denied. His career began in Bristol during the 1980s as part of the aerosol boom which witnessed many street artists such as he himself and others, along with musicians working on a series of projects. After some time, Banksy managed to develop a unique technique which combined graffiti writing and stencilling, a technique which is said to be popularized by Blek le Rat. With this trademark technique, he became more popular due to his ability to produce art at a faster pace.

Since the development of his trademark technique, Banksy’s work have succeeded in gaining attention, fetched high prices and was constantly sought by collectors, art dealers, VIPS, Hollywood celebrities and just about anybody who could afford it. It has been reported that his work succeeded in fetching a personal record of hundreds of thousands of pounds for a single piece of work.

As a result of these high prices of most of his work, Banksy’s canvas prints were soon introduced to the public who simply found signed art, original art and other artwork along those lines unaffordable.

Banksy canvas is said to be high in demand, especially among collectors who are either new to art collecting and without large sums of monies to throw around. The majority of Banksy canvas prints are moderately priced. This makes Banksy canvas very much accessible to everyone.

Should anyone take a look at stores and websites selling these canvas prints, they would realize that most of these prints are often sold out. From here, it is easy to tell that Banksy is in his own right, a class on its own.

Most of Banksy’s artwork and paintings have been made available on such canvas prints. They are known to be produced in varying degrees in quality and come in different price tags. Still, collectors should be able to take heart knowing that most of Banksy canvas is aimed at the average collector and as such, prices would be largely affordable.

To give all fans and collectors out there a general idea on the price tags of these Banksy canvas, it would cost anything between £15 to £39.90 depending on the quality of the canvas on sale. The quality, in return, largely depends on the printing method employed. For instance, Banksy canvas employing cheaper printing methods will be more susceptible to the fading of ink as well as cracks. Pricier canvas prints would be a better choice for those who desire to keep their favourite prints for a long time since it is durable and is not prone to cracking or fading of ink.

For the hundreds of thousands of Banksy’s fans and collectors who seek such canvas prints, popular stores selling art and canvas, along websites over the Internet would be a good bet. They are known to have in store, among others, clown cops canvas, fallen angel canvas, bomb hugger canvas, panda canvas, balloon girl canvas, monkey detonator canvas and other popular Banksy artwork.

Canvas Gallery Wrap Options

A photo  canvas  wrap is when you take a picture and print it on  canvas  and wrap it around a frame like they would the artwork in a museum except you hang this in your house. There are many different options when making a  canvas  wrap. Of course using a great picture will make a great  canvas  wrap but there are also other options to make your wrap special. There are many ways to do this including going black and white or sepia, a black and white picture with a color object, an old photo made new again, a panoramic picture, or a multi panel display. These are all great options. Which one is right for you? Let’s look at each a little further to help you decide.

Black & White and Sepia

Weather the picture is taken in black and white or sepia or it is converted from a color photo these options add a classic, elegant look to your photos that give them a timeless appearance.

Black and White with Color

This option is a bit more unique. With this option we take a color photo and convert it to black and white while leaving an object or even a person in color. This is great for a photo that has a nice centerpiece such as a person holding something or you just leave the whole person in color and make the rest of the photo black and white. This is great when you really want something to stand out.

Old Photos Made New

Do you have a great photo that was taken before the age of digital cameras? This is no problem. The pictures can be scanned in and enlarged and made into a wrap just like a digital photo. Pictures of relatives gone by are great for this. Everyone will be asking how you did that.


Panoramic shots are probably my favorite kind of pictures. Great for sunsets, landscapes, large family, or cityscapes. A panoramic  canvas  wrap is a great option and will stand out in any room.

Multi Panel  Canvas  Wrap

A multi panel  canvas  wrap is when you split a picture into say 3 pieces making it into 3 wraps that you hang on the wall with a space between each. This unique option is great for a large wall space. Panoramics, sunsets, landscapes, nature, and cityscapes work best for this option.

Canvas Print From Photo – What Will You Get?

 Canvas  prints from photos are all the rage and well they should be. If you have not seen one up close and personal yet, you need to.  Canvas  lends an ambiance, if you will, to photographs like no paper can.  Canvas  brings the image to life…gives it character…depth…a type of energy. I apologize to the purists out there who believe that nothing is better than fine, quality photo paper.  Canvas  steps on their toes in this regard. Not intentional but true.

 Canvas  is classic and classy. That will not change. In addition, it has a longevity factor that paper does not and cannot have. It is the nature of the beast. Add the protective coating that is typically applied to  canvas  prints from photos and you have a hands-down choice. The only thing you then have to “worry” about is what photo to choose. The most common choices for photos printed on  canvas  are of new digitals taken of family, scenery, flowers and the like – all beautiful and all making gorgeous  canvases . It is also true that the quality of the source photo relates directly with the quality of your  canvas  print. You want your source photo to be the highest it can be for resolution and the least compressed for image quality.

However, that being said, what about the old photos we have…the not-so-goods? Maybe they are dirty or have scratches or they are a bit cloudy or faded but the photos, themselves, are of great sentiment. Maybe the photo was taken “on the fly” but the scene captured is so magnificent it could never be duplicated – like, an expression on someone’s face…or a particular group of people…some fond memory that maybe deserves to be given the honor and longevity of being printed on  canvas . Such a  canvas  print from that sort of photo might be the most endearing gift someone – a family member or a friend – might ever get. Now, you could expect to pay extra to have the photo cleaned up as best as possible before printing but if the photo is worth doing, it is worth paying a little extra for, don’t you think?

People spend money on all kinds of gifts for family and friends that are nice but can tend to be ordinary. A  canvas  print from a special memory photo would trump anything. A  canvas  print is art that will hang on the wall. It will be seen and enjoyed every day like nothing else. And let’s not forget that the texture of  canvas  will breathe new life into an old photo, making it even more pleasurable to view. Get out your photo albums. Find those special pictures of your grandparents or your parents as children….maybe Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe. How about you as a child? What about a collage of generations – photos taken of each at approximately the same age. Make your family tree a photo tree.

One of the things I think would be very fun would be to have a collage of Christmas mornings through the years. How about school pictures…running yours and your kids’ side-by-side, first through 12th grade? Can you imagine? Wow. The point is, there are so many wonderful things you can do for your photos and your memories by printing them on  canvas  – whether it is a collage or a single subject. It is nice to do the quality image photos on  canvas , no doubt about it, but don’t forget the meaningful, memory-filled photos that might not be of “quality image”.

Printing photos on  canvas  is a wonderful way to display your photography. A  canvas  print from photo makes wonderful  canvas  art for your home. And printing memory photos on  canvas  to give as a gift of love is priceless. So, the next time you have a gift opportunity coming up, do something different. Do something special. Find that special photo and have a  canvas  print made. If it is a gift, it will be unique and personal and the person who receives it will love it. If it is just for you, it will be unique and personal and you will love it

Black And White Canvas Prints

 Canvas  prints are an artistic revolution in the sense that you can now take your favorite photo and turn it into a work of art.

But how is  canvas  arts created? First, a client chooses a photo that will be printed on to the  canvas . This photo will be scanned and then digitally enhanced so that it will not lose integrity when printed on  canvas  and to make sure that it has all the hues and tonalities of the photo. Many  canvas  printing establishments use printers and scanners that are specifically designed for printing photos on  canvas . They use drum scanners to scan original, flexible photos up to 500 x 700 mm in size. For larger photos or images that cannot be taken off their frames, a large format transparency of the photo is taken and then scanned. As for printers, many  canvas  printing companies use Giclee printers. These printers do not use a screen so there won’t be visible dot screen pattern on the finish product. Giclee printers are also much bigger, measuring over a meter wide. They also use special light-fast inks which will remain true for more than 20 years if kept out of the sun.

 Canvas  prints are prized for their ability to emulate and display the vibrant colors and hues of an original photo.  Canvas  is celebrated for its ability to make images come alive, thanks to the material of the fabric. Great works of art are painted on  canvas  for the reason that the texture of the fabric fills the image with life.

But while colorful works of art are favored by most  canvas  art aficionados because of the vibrancy they exude, black and white  canvas  photo prints also have a strong following – the same way the popularity of black and white photography endures despite the emergence and eventual prominence of colored photography – because they hold a certain mystery for the onlooker, as well as evoke certain emotions. If you are considering getting black and white  canvas  prints, it is best to know that the ideal photo to choose is that of people. The black and white image of a person or group of people looks so beautifully evocative on  canvas  (as well as photos). This is the reason why photographs like those of James Dean in Times Square (arguably his most famous photo) remain popular.

When choosing a photo for your  canvas  art, consider picking a picture of a loved one, perhaps a photo of your child. A close-up black and white picture of a child’s face is probably one of the sweetest images you could ever find, and seeing your little one’s face come to life on  canvas  is breathtaking.

This is also what makes black and white  canvas  prints beautiful gifts. For instance, you can give your parents a black and white  canvas  print of their wedding photo. They would surely be delighted. You can order black and white  canvas  prints from a noted service provider and have them made according to your specifications.

Canvas Printing

A canvas print is the result of an image onto the canvas. It maybe stretched or gallery wrapped onto a frame and displayed. The canvas print is also known as canvas art or stretched canvas.

Generally the the material used for such type of printing is cotton. The alternative of cotton canvas is plastic based poly canvas, which costs less than the cotton material. This printing is associated with inkjet printing process often known as Giclée. The qualities of a good canvas are that it is durable and fast drying. A good quality printing can last for a long time. Many printers claim that their high quality canvas printings will last for over 75 years. Another quality of such type of a print is that it is water resistant.

This print can be either stretched or outstretched. You can get it in either form. The benefit of stretched canvas is that you do not have to wrap it yourself on the frame. You can get it done the professionals of printing company. On the other hand the benefit of unwrapped canvas is that it is easy to ship from one place to another. It is also cheaper to ship unwrapped canvas because of savings in insurance and freight costs.

There are generally four types of stretched canvas prints which the printers offer. These are briefly discussed below:

• Stretched Edge: A pixel from the edge is stretched so that it gives a blurred stretch color from the front colors.

• Mirror Stretch: If the image has a background landscape, it can be wrapped in such a way that the edge seems as a continuation of the front image.

• Colored Wrap: A dominant color from the image is taken and used to fill the wrap of the stretched canvas.

• Multiple panel wrap: For multiple panel wrap the canvas printing is overlapped on the wrap so that when the wall is approached from a side, it all looks like a single image.

A good quality canvas print does not have any dots in it. On the other hand a low quality cheap canvas print usually has dots and poor definition. If a good quality canvas is compared to a cheaper canvas printers or chain store canvases, a great difference can be seen.

Many printers offer services for color changes and manipulation of elements. They usually charge additional fee for these changes and manipulations. It costs less for asking changes immediately after taking the photo shot than asking for changes later on.

Modern large format printers are capable of canvas printing. They can print on canvas rolls measuring 60 inches or more. Printers, such as HP Designjet z6100 and the Epson Stylus Pro 9880, are capable of printing directly on canvas media. Usually the weight of a printed canvas for wall is about 400 grams.