Canvas Print Photography As a Contemporary Art Form

If you’re new to the artistic concept of photography printed onto canvas, know that it is considered a contemporary art form experiencing rapid growth, and will quite likely be seen more and more often in modern art galleries and perhaps even museums. This technological media is truly stunning, and the epitome of avant garde. The blending of traditional art with modern technology is truly representative of our day and age. Despite it’s complex appearance, the process of transferring digital art to canvas is rather simple. A professional digital photograph like that of a landscape, individual, or any other object, or perhaps a digital work of art can be easily transferred onto a professional, museum quality canvas. The end result of this culmination of traditional and contemporary is a superb work of art with detailing and definition that is unrivaled. Digital photography printed onto canvas is available in full, rich color, classy black and white, or anything in between.

It may be that the reason many protest defining digital works printed onto canvas as “art” is because of the sheer newness of the art form. Many express concerns about canvas prints, questioning the durability, longevity, and also validity of canvas photography. We can’t feign surprise at this, however. The introduction of new and innovative art forms has always been met with staunch criticism. The works of Victor-Hugo Vaca II still cause much stir and controversy in the world of art because of their bizarre and often sexual nature.

As far as the durability of canvas prints is concerned, the final product is as sturdy as any other form of artwork on canvas – perhaps even more so. For instance, a canvas print is nowhere near as susceptible to damage or marring through common handling as acrylic or oil paintings. Additionally it is completely impossible to smudge a digital image transferred onto canvas. Since the purchaser is the owner of the subject matter to be printed, we need not concern ourselves with whether the subject is controversial.

Subjected to more skepticism than the durability is the longevity of a canvas print – another term for print permanence. Essentially the longevity of a piece is how much time will pass before the canvas print will begin to show signs of age or deterioration. Rest assured, though, that this media does not easily fade. Once could even place the canvas print outside and, assuming the climate is not extreme and it is kept from direct sunlight, it will keep for many years without any visible signs of deterioration. Since the canvas print is finished with a water resistant sealer the occasional moisture barrage will have no effect.

The question that remains in many individual’s minds is: “but is it art?”. Critics will always be divided over contemporary and innovative art forms, as history has shown us time and time again. One must always keep in mind though that credibility, and more importantly beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. By way of example, the Art Gallery of Ontario has on display a piece of artwork featuring a plank of wood and a bathroom sink. Some feel that this unique piece should have a place in a world famous gallery, whereas others view it with much skepticism. As with canvas printed photography, this demonstrates the ever-present conflict of what can and cannot be defined as art. It would be wise for a person to get a first-hand look at canvas printed photography before forming an opinion as to the validity of this art form.

Digital Photos on Canvas – Changing The Way People Think

Digital photography has changed the way people take and share photos. In the days before digital cameras existed, people were not as trigger-happy with the shutter button on their cameras as they are today. This is because each camera could only shoot one roll of film of anywhere between approximately ten and thirty pictures at a time. While not obscenely expensive, rolls of film still cost money, and each roll had to be developed which also cost money. Nowadays, with the advent of the digital camera, it is possible to take hundreds of photos and have them stored on the camera’s memory card. And these pictures can easily be transferred to a computer, where various websites and software applications offer a plethora of options for sharing these photos with practically anybody connected to the web.

Digital images are great because they are very easy to share. But there is still something special about having a hard copy of a picture. After all, if you have some great pictures and you want to send them as a gift to family members or friends, chances are good that you aren’t going to want to e-mail them, but instead you’ll want to send them something tangible. One unique way to share your Pictures is to put these images on  canvas .

You can’t hang a digital picture up on your wall like a museum painting. Or can you? It is now possible to take cherished images and put these on  canvas . The  canvas  is the same type of high quality material used for oil paintings. This process will be able to preserve your photograph for up to a hundred years. Once the process of putting the digital photos on  canvas  is complete, the picture can be hung with or without a frame.

Why is it worthwhile to put these images on  canvas ? While digital photos are easy to share with people outside your home, these images are not an ideal median for sharing and displaying photos within your home. What is a person to do when he has guests over and his entire photograph collection is stored on his portable hard drive? It is clear that in situations like these, having your files stored digitally is not beneficial at all. By putting your pictures on  canvas  you can create your own art gallery in your own home. Except the art wasn’t made by a famous artists and the subjects aren’t foreign. Instead, you are the artists, and the subjects of your “paintings” are whatever you’ve taken pictures of: friends, family, vacation spots, etc.

The median of photos on  canvas  offers an elegance of display that simply cannot be matched by viewing them on a computer screen. While the process can be a little pricey (especially when compared with the fact that sharing digital images is practically free), it is important to remember that the  canvas  photos are constructed by hand to the most exacting standards, using the highest quality material. And these  canvases , when kept in museum conditions, are expected to last over one hundred years.

Digital Canvas Prints

If you surf the internet, especially visiting website dealing with image printing, you will be amazed at how many people are talking about digital scrapbook printing. There are a lot of them completely engrossed in this and this fact makes digital image printing be one of the fastest rising hobbies and investments these times. Of course, it isn’t a great surprise why everything seems to be digital; from appliances, gadgets, and even work processing. We live already in a period of “digital” time.

Striving for better quality It is obvious that plenty of printing shops and photo processing studio offer only digital printing. That does not mean that they only are keeping up with technology but strive for better quality as well. They engage in digital scrapbook printing for the simple reason that digital printing is clearer compared to the traditional way of printing. Moreover it is cheaper and much quicker; also digital technology gives you to preview the captured moment. That is why digital scrapbook printing is now one of the most popular hobbies and businesses. You might have noticed that most posters, streamers, or banners are done in digital printing. Have them printed on canvas prints.

Digital photo printing has a lot of options to offer. As it can give you high quality digital images this technology is widely used in many spheres. For instance if you are an artist, you will find it nice to make a digital scrapbook printing of all your paintings and drawings. Resorting to the help of the vast array of canvas printing optional technology you can give your works a more artistic impact. Having them printed on digital canvas prints your memorable moments or artworks will last for a long period of time because of the used materials and technology. Its durability depends on the surface and inks. For many years people used canvas for making sails, tents, marquees and other things that needed an extremely hardwearing and sturdy fabric. Modern canvas is usually made of cotton, although historically speaking, it was made from hemp. Nowadays many companies also work with an extremely high quality textured 100% cotton canvas which is best suited to artistic reproductions. The use of genuine pigment fade-resistant inks expands the spectrum of colour providing an extremely accurate colour reproduction. In spite of the fact that canvas prints tend to be very durable you should remember that the length of time for which your canvas prints will be admired depends on hanging conditions.

So, if you are a professional photographer or an artist try to have your outstanding works printed on canvas prints as surely you will be able to appreciate the details of your digital images or paintings. However if you have nothing common with drawing, painting or photography but you are fond of these kinds of art it is quite possible to have any image you like printed on canvas. Canvas printing will make your images look like as if they were painted manually. The result of an image printed onto canvas is usually stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed.You can then have them sold, or maybe, have them on the walls of your own place.

Benefits Of Canvas Prints Over Paintings

 Canvas  prints are photographs printed on  canvas . They are better than printing pictures on photo paper because they are more resilient to damage and will last longer. Photos on  canvas  also look more presentable and can be used as  canvas  wall art just like paintings.

There are pictures on  canvas  in large formats, they can be big enough to cover half your wall. These pictures make good decor pieces for homes, businesses and offices. Photos printed on  canvas  make better and more durable wall decor. They also look more modern than traditional paintings.

Pictures printed on  canvas  are more versatile and is gaining more popularity now than ever before. They are sought after to replace older wall art like paintings. They are also preferred now because they are easy to clean and maintain.  Canvas  prints are also cheaper than traditional paintings.

Paintings are more delicate than pictures on  canvas . They are also more expensive to purchase. Paintings have to be cleaned by professional conservators, while photo prints can be dusted with a feather duster. Prints are also more resilient to moisture damage or temperature changes.

Another advantage to getting  canvas  pictures is its modern appeal. they can be hung framed or unframed but still look sophisticated. Your choices are also limited with paintings. Photos on  canvas  come in a variety of genres and depict all kinds of subjects.

Sizes are also not a problem with  canvas  pictures. If you fancy a particular photograph, you can have it printed in any size you want, making it a versatile choice for wall decor. You won’t have to go crazy looking for the perfect painting in the right size.

When you need to buy  canvas  prints, you can find hundreds of choices on the internet. You don’t have to hop from one art gallery to another to find a suitable  canvas  wall art for your home or office. All you need to do it to take note of suitable colors and measurements.

When you search for prints online, you also have the benefit of comparing prices and pictures. Sure, you can also find paintings online, but your choices are quite limited. It will be easier to find something suitable for your wall if you choose to hang pictures on  canvas .

You will find pictures for animal lovers, people who like to travel, for people who like flowers or food. The possibilities of decorating with  canvas  prints are unlimited. The shapes and sizes of  canvas  are also varied. You won’t have problem looking for narrow  canvas  pieces that will fit even the most awkward spaces in your house.

Create Canvas Art Works from Your Kids Paintings, Drawings! – Under $20

Do you have boxes and boxes of your kid’s paintings, drawings, scribbles etc, stored away because you just can’t part with them and don’t know what to do with them? Well here is your solution – Create a  canvas  wall art collage that’s original, creative, cheap to make, and a fun activity that you and the kids can enjoy together. They also make great Christmas presents from the kids to the Grandparents – A guaranteed winner your kids will be proud of.

The basic idea is to glue your kid’s art directly onto the framed  canvas  in an overlapping collage style, similar to the method you use for decoupage or making paper mache items. All items you’ll need can be found at any $2 bargain store. This is the best way to keep the costs low; however you’ll also get all you need from an art supply store.  Canvas  sizes vary so just get one that will suit the wall you want to hang it on, and some smaller ones to keep as future presents.

What you need –

  • A large ready framed  canvas  and some spare smaller ones for leftover art (available from any $2 bargain store or art supply store).
  • A bottle of white PVA or woodwork glue.
  • A packet of mixed size foam brushes (bristle brushes are fine if you already have them).
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A collection of your kids’ paper artwork.
  • An old bed sheet or plastic sheet (do not use newspaper as this will stick to the  canvas ).

Let’s Start –

  1. Get a large plastic bowl and squeeze into it approximately one cup of glue and half a cup of water, mix thoroughly.
  2. If necessary cut off the excess blank areas of paper on each of your child’s artwork, this will reduce bulk.
  3. Lay the  canvas  onto your sheet or plastic. Using a large brush apply a thick layer of the glue mix all over the  canvas , including the sides.
  4. Begin laying the sheets of artwork randomly or orderly if you prefer, onto the  canvas .
  5. Make sure to overlap each layer as you go, and brush each piece down with the brush so it sticks. Continue this until the  canvas  is completely covered with your child’s art.
  6. Apply another layer of glue all over the  canvas  and allow to dry for one hour in the sun, or two hours indoors.
  7. When the  canvas  is dry check to make sure all the layers of artwork are glued down and edges are lifting up. If they are then apply more glue under the lift piece and again over the top.
  8. Apply a final coat of glue all over the  canvas , remembering to paint the sides as well. Allow to dry completely again, but this time indoors or in the shade outside.

When the  canvas  is dry it’s ready to hang in your kids’ room, or anywhere in the house. A great idea is to hang it somewhere at work where you can be reminded all day long of just how wonderful and clever your kids are!

If you have any artwork left over, make another one with smaller  canvas ‘ you bought and give them away to family as presents – they’ll love it!

To see a finished example of the artwork click here

Canvas Printing – A Captivating Approach of Advertising

Everybody wants to induce a sense of brightness and vibrancy in their rooms, houses and offices. People decorate their houses with colorful and bright pictures, lights and paintings to make their ambiance more lively and energetic. One such creation is the magic of colors on  canvas .  Canvas  printing is an amazingly attractive art piece to be flaunted in a room or your office cabin. Dull and monotonous ambiance reduces the enthusiasm and energy level of a person. However, in the presence of such printing the efficiency of a human being is thoroughly maintained.

Even from the business aspect,  canvas  printing has earned kudos in bringing significant changes in the field of advertising and promotion. In fact with the arrival of  canvas  printing, a new toll for publicity has arrived. This medium of promotion is widely accepted and popular for launching new products and services as it has the ability to gather the profound attention of the audience. It is a verity that colors are very efficient in catching attention and hence a beautiful blend of attractive styles and bright colors is best to get the huge consideration. In today’s world, several number of business organizations and companies are employing this method for better prospects of advertising. These prints are cost effective and reasonably charged. However, the cost of any printing piece depends on its quality, resolution and size. Expensive  canvas  prints are often sold through the medium of auction.

 Canvas  printing is an enticing unification of modern techniques and creativity. They have their own subtle style of conveying the message throughout the society. It does not mean that they are used for limited purposes only. One can use them for several issues concerning campaigns, launches, product information, social events and many more. Therefore, if you are looking for some fresh, engaging and creative concept to introduce your new product, then opt for the very creatively captivating posters and banners. This intriguing method of promotion can surely bring you the best response. On the other hand this technique has opened a great employment center for people interested in fine arts. Individual can easily opt for this profession, which is not only decent in nature but gives you the satisfaction of doing something you want to do. Many advertising firms are employing these artists on a large extent.

Imagination is something that everyone is blessed with, but very few have the capability to shape and draw the imagination. Hence good artists and talented innovators are always in great demand. Every company wishes to develop their poster and  canvas  printing in a way that can attract a major chunk of target audience and portrays the absolute information and message of the product and services. Nowadays for deeper perfection artists draw worthy assistance from technology so that the quality of the picture can be enhanced. This obtained through the utilization of IT tools, numerous softwares, graphics and good customized editing. However, only an innovative mind and experienced artist can perform this activity. The most popular example of this is digital printing with mesmerizing quality and great print resolution.

Digital Photos On Canvas – Exploring The Process

When someone thinks of printing photos, the first thing that comes to mind is photo paper and the choice of glossy or matte. Sometimes people can be creative and choose borders and blow up the image for different frames, or shrink the image into wallet-sized pictures. The fact is, printing photos doesn’t get more exciting than that, or does it? There’s an exciting medium that is coming back into style. It can’t be called new because it’s older than film; it’s  canvas . Printing digital photos on  canvas  can make a picture really stand out and look beautiful. It’s special and it has a unique quality to it. It also has a long life span and special texture.

When a digital photo is put on  canvas , it is sealed with a water resistant sealer, and then it is stretched by hand around a bar that is just a tad under an inch deep. Though art has been produced and portrayed on  canvas  worldwide in museums and personal homes alike, for some reason photographers have never put digital photos on  canvas  before. It would really be a nice touch in a home and a surprising item to have.  Canvas  has a nice age to it, it can really make a picture feel timeless and capture the moment so elegantly.

Photographers are really lenient and willing to work with customers to produce the photos in the best manner. Some pictures will look good on  canvas ; others might work better in a frame or as a poster. Not only can digital photos be printed on  canvas , but they can also be tweaked in neat ways like making them black and white, or enhancing the photos, taking away red eye, cropping, enlarging, or editing any damage. Printed photos don’t last very long, depending on the care, they can last 50 years, but generally sunlight does a lot of damage to pictures out in frames, or just the same wear and tear that happens to everything.  Canvas  photos on the other hand can last one hundred years in the proper care.  Canvas  can be treated with chemicals to ward off unseen yet dangerous UV rays and have a water resistant coating.

Just like printing photos on paper. Printing digital photos on  canvas  requires that the picture be the correct size and resolution. A photo of low resolution will not be sharp and be a bit blurry, which even on a beautiful  canvas  just won’t look as good as a sharp photo. As the size of  canvas  increases, it is important that the amount of resolution increase as well. Along with resolution, it’s a smart idea to pick wisely what digital photo will be printed on to  canvas . Since it is such a desirable and lovely gift, put some effort and thought into pictures being taken. Know the sunlight and best times of day and use that advantage to create a beautiful digital photo transcribed on to a timeless  canvas  to be cherished for decades to come.

Printing Digital Photo on Canvas

Digital printing technology has unfolded a whole new world to photographers, artists, amateurs, art galleries and professionals alike. No medium other than digital photos has ever been as convenient for photographers to create astounding images, enabling them to take as many photos as desired at no added cost as well as delete those they don’t like, and customize with special effects and camera techniques.

Quality artist  canvas  is recognized as a perfect medium to create beautiful prints from your own photographs; by printing digital photos on  canvas , you can turn your personal memories and treasured moments into wonderful pieces of art that have a longer life. Since the look and feel of  canvas  photo prints is extremely unique, these pictures create a special impact.  Canvas  photo prints are becoming the foremost choice for interior decoration in homes, banks, offices, saloons, bars, and restaurants. There are numerous standard digital  canvas  photo printing companies that offer state of the art digital  canvas  photo printing services.

Generally, digital photos are printed on high quality exhibition grade cotton using full color inkjet printers and long-lasting UV proof pigment inks.  Canvas  fabric made of 100% pure cotton is ideal for producing photo-realistic images. There are several standard  canvas  print sizes to choose from.  Canvas  sizes ranging from 32 cm x 25 cm to 117 cm x 90 cm can be used for digital printing. For utmost durability, the photo  canvas  prints are coated either with a matte, satin or glossy finish and laminated to ensure print permanency. Different varieties of  canvas  are available in the market today like matte decor  canvas , artist  canvas , satin stretch  canvas , simulated  canvas , premium  canvas , and cotton-polyester blended  canvas .

Canvas Prints Vs Traditional Prints

For years, there were really only two options in photos. You either hired someone to paint you a canvas portrait or you had a photo taken and printed on photo paper. Now, there is a new option, one that until recently was not affordable for many. This new type of photo is canvas photo printing. This allows you to print your photos on a wide variety of canvas sizes so that you can create a lifetime of memory on a a background that will last much longer than a simple piece of paper. Here are some of the differences in canvas prints as opposed to traditional prints.


Even the highest quality photo paper will not last forever. Although it may be able to hold a high resolution it will eventually deteriorate and the photo will fade from sunlight and the chemicals used to transfer the photo to the paper. Canvas prints will last a substantially longer time because it is not paper but a fiber based material, usually made from cotton or linen. It can easily be fixed when the canvas starts to deteriorate or something happens to it such as a tear or a hole. Canvas can also be gentle washed if it gets dirty. This is often best done by a professional, but can be done, unlike a traditional photo that is ruined if something is to spill on it or water damage is to occur.


When you order a traditional photograph, there are only a certain amount of sizes that you can order. In most cases, an 11×13 is the largest size that a photo can be printed on. A digital photo on canvas starts at an 8×8 size and can go as large as 48×64 for a single piece of canvas. You can also get split canvas photos that give you a multitude of sizes that will allow you to get creative with your photos as well. This can be nice if you have a large space to fill and want to split the photos around the room or give them to family members.


A traditional photo as well as a digital photo on canvas can both be changed with options. Some of these options include things like red eye reduction, sharpening, brightening and enhancing contrast, as well as correct color balance. For additional charges, you can have facial blemishes removed, imperfections corrected, and teeth whitened for those chronic coffee drinkers that may have less than perfect pearly whites. Canvas prints can also be done in black and white or sepia tone just like a traditional photo as well. However, unlike a traditional photo, a canvas photo can also be done to look like an oil painting.


When you print on a traditional piece of paper, there is always the likely possibility that the ink can smear on the gloss paper. This is not an option that happens on canvas because it has no slick surface, it is a porous surface that will absorb the ink unlike a piece of paper no matter how great the quality.

5 Reasons Why Canvas Art Sets Are Good Buys

Canvas art sets are paintings composed of two or more canvas pieces that create a single artwork. Canvas sets are innovative and have gained popularity all over the world. Although these kinds of paintings are in demand, you can still find affordable 2 to 9 piece sets. It isn’t difficult to find them either.

You can find canvas sets in galleries, art festivals or on the net. There are several online art stores that sell painting sets in various sizes, number of canvas pieces, and subjects. Landscapes and seascapes are popular subjects as well as abstract and contemporary styles.

If you want to buy canvas art sets, you will be glad to know that these paintings have certain benefits:

1. Quick and Easy Decorating – When you hang painting sets, you can cover more space within a few minutes. You won’t have to buy several paintings to decorate a large wall. If you have to buy several artworks to decorate a big office lobby or a living room with a high ceiling, it might take you weeks to get all the canvas pieces you need to cover the empty space.

2. Matching Pieces – With canvas sets, you can be assured that all the canvas pieces will match. If you decide to buy individual paintings to decorate a big wall, you risk getting artwork that won’t look good together. Other problems with putting different paintings together as a grouping are mismatched colors, subject and problems with canvas sizes. Canvas sets will definitely go well together since they are just single paintings divided into several pieces of canvas.

3. Unique and Interesting – There are canvas sets that are offset. Offset canvas art sets are made up of a number of canvas pieces in different shapes or sizes. This adds an unconventional and interesting look to your artwork and decor. These kinds of paintings will look good in a minimalist home because they break monotony in simple surroundings.

4. Easy to Hang – These paintings, whether standard or offset, will be easy to hang, especially if you buy canvas art sets that are ready-to hang. Ask the art store to provide hanging kits for each canvas piece so all you have to do when you get the paintings is to bore holes on the wall for hooks or nails. You won’t have to wire each canvas or frame them.

5. Look Very Cool – Painting sets look very cool especially in a modern home or office. You can hang these paintings in a long dining room, a living room with a high ceiling, or behind a large Queen or Kind sized bed. They are also excellent decorating solutions for large office spaces in a lobby, corridor or in a boardroom.

A practical way to find these kinds of paintings is by searching for them online. On the net, you will find hundred of abstract canvas sets and other sets with different subjects, sizes and colors. Ask the seller if they will provide ready-to-hang paintings before you buy canvas art sets from them.